AKA NI AKUMIRO: Umukinnyi ukomeye w’amafilme yashinjijwe gukorakora ubugabo bwa mugenzi we mu ruhame (IKIREGO)

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Umugabo cuba gooding jr  wamenyekanye mu mafilme menshi arimo One in the chamber ,Judgment Night (1993),American Gangster (2007),Hero Wanted (2008),Dirty (2005) ,Chill Factor (1999) ,Boyz n the Hood (1991) ubu amerewe nabi n’abakunzi be nyuma yuko umugabo witwa Jonathan Jaxson avuze ko yamukorakoye ku bugabo,Uyu Jonathan Jaxson yahoze ari umuvugizi wa Kim Kardashian,Kim Zolciak Biermann.

hano hari ibyo jonathan Jaxson we yitangarije :

Dear Cuba Gooding, Jr.,
It has been nearly 8-years since we shared what was to be a quick friendly kiss goodbye followed by you grouping me [sic] and inviting me back to your hotel.
The season was NY Fashion Week and it was a very cold February 2007 when I arrived to Bungalow 8 with several very high profile celebrity clients who had the balcony reserved above the crowd. I sat with some of the biggest names alive today in Hollywood, sharing a glass of champagne after a successful day of NY Fashion Week shows. Below our group was the likes of the Olsen twins, yourself and many others and their security into this private retreat where celebrities got to be undercover.
That night hit me hard as I only knew you from the movie “Boat Trip” and honestly had no clue further. So when the group I was with asked if I wanted to go downstairs and say hello to some friend, I agreed and we ended up at your circular table briefly as they chatted it up with you. I went for a hug good-bye after conversing and you planted a kiss on me. This is what I wrote about in my 2013 book about the incident:

Fashion Week Is Not for the Meek:
I was backstage at the Heatherette show as part of the annual New York Fashion Week. I had clients in their seats awaiting the arrival of Britney Spears. This was during her very public breakdown, and Britney did finally show up. Late. I watched her get out of chauffeured car, obviously incoherent, where she proceeded to throw up all over herself and the sidewalk below. Her team quickly pulled her back in the car and sped off.

Later that night I accompanied several of my clients to the ultra-exclusive celebrity club Bungalow 8. As we took over the top floor balcony overlooking the dance floor, with full bottle service and anything we needed at our fingertips, I watched some sad and unimaginable antics by a very famous pair of twins. Next, I was on my way out of the party and was saying good-bye to some clients who moved to sit beside a charming, Oscar-winning actor who I didn’t really know much about.

At his booth was a gaggle full of young women, but as I got up to leave and give him a hug, he quickly turned his head and had his lips on mine and we kissed with our mouths open before I was shocked and finally said my official good night. I did an online search at home and found out he was still married with children. I was so shocked that he would make out with me of all people…

What I had left out was the biggest part, you grabbing my penis through my pants and inviting me back to your hotel which prompted the very quick exit alone for me. This was left out due to the fears of my attorney’s at the time in what would possibly cause outrage from you and my already brunt honesty. I am fearless now and the truth shall set me free. I know if you did this to me, you surely did it to many others. As of matter of fact, it has been documented via many publications upon research you have touched many others inappropriately, yet it seems to stay hidden.

You sir are forgiven, but will NEVER be forgotten.

Jonathan Jaxson

Dore ifoto ya  Jonathan usanzwe ari umutinganyi  ku buryo bweruye

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